Mercenary War 2

The civil war in M ​​got out of control, and the rebels triggered a genocide. The international community paid close attention to it, but the United Nations Security Council did not authorize military intervention. Zian accepted the commission and his mission was to lead a mercenary team deep into the rebel hinterland, find Dr. Ling Yue of the Red Cross medical team, and transport her to a safe location.

Zian led a mercenary team to fight bloody battles in the jungle, breaking through barriers and forts all the way, and finally arrived at the medical team’s station and found Ling Yue. But Ling Yue insisted: Unless the 70 refugees under her care were taken out of danger, she would not leave here until she died.

From the first day he became a mercenary, Zian first learned the principle of putting the mission first, but now he may have to bring a group of people who have nothing to do with the mission or even hinder them from successfully completing the mission. These well-trained mercenaries A choice must be made between vocation and morality. Before Zian could make a decision, a new crisis quickly arrived.

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